Peddler’s Restaurant. The husband-and-wife team Alain and Beth have been quietly serving French bistro fare to a loyal (and tight-lipped) crowd of very satisfied locals. A lack of advertising and generous word of-mouth following have kept this lovely little spot somewhat shrouded in mystique; and wisteria vines-which cover the building so entirely that it’s hard to find the from door-help keep the place a secret. Inside, about a dozen tables dressed in white linen are illuminated by the glow of candles and dangling white lights, sening the stage for a meal that should be savored slowly, French-born Alain uses his native culinary training to prepare a host of pates, escargots, flounder meuniere, and the house favorite, duck a ” orange with a Grand Marnier sauce. The menu changes daily; it’s handwritten on a blackboard on a side wall. Finish your memorable meal with the homemade pistachio ice cream with chocolate ganache. ~ 67 Thad Ellis Rd., East Brewster

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