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It’s practically hidden behind wisteria so if you’re not careful, you’ll overlook it. But – and this is the important thing – once you’ve planted yourself at a table at Peddler’s Bistro, you are in for a treat.

Cape Cod Magazine
About Us

Peddlers is located on Cape Cod in Brewster MA.  It is owned and operated by chef Alain and his wife Beth.  Since their inception in 2000,  they have cultivated a loyal clientele of discriminating gourmets who appreciate exceptional food, carefully selected wines, generous cocktails and unpretentious service.  Beth and Alain’s philosophy is quite simple, “treat a customer as you would a guest in your home.”

Sample Menu

We only accept American Express Credit Cards

  • Appetizers (13-24)
  • Entrees - served with herb roasted potatoes and seasonal vegetables (29-42)

We only accept American Express Credit Cards


Phone: 508.896.9300